David Sklar - known for his innovative design solutions, David holds a degree in Architecture From University of Tennessee. He has been recognized as a leader in the field of Sustainable Development and Ecotecture. He works internationally on various cutting-edge projects, from residential to resort. He has spoken at the United Nations, New York Academy of Sciences and the World Bank. Sklar is lead designer of STAR Island Bahamas, the world’s first sustainable island destination.

Thomas Michaels – With a degree in Architecture from Kent State University, Tom is known for his “nuts and bolts” approach to design, bringing the perfect balance of experience and practicality. He has been a successful designer in the Southeast for 20 years, with residential and commercial projects, master planning and PUD documentation. Tom’s clients have included private and public sector projects, providing him with knowledge and experience working with government councils and review boards.

Together Sklar and Michaels create world class designs while building a long list of satisfied clients.